Lunch and Learn Workshops

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For the second year in a row, World Council is happy to offer Lunch and Learn Workshops during the lunch periods on Monday and Tuesday during the conference. Prior registration is required for the sessions of your choice on Monday and/or Tuesday. Lunch and Learn workshops are US$50 per person. Space is limited for these valuable workshops that provide additional education during the lunch period. Each workshop is repeated on Monday and Tuesday for more chances to engage.

Lunch and Learn #1

How Digital & Open Banking Can Transform Your Institution - Is Your Credit Union Ready?

Speaker: Christian Junior of RHICS Technology

Traditionally, credit unions provide the most value to its members than other financial institutions. However, many credit unions still operate on decades old models, by-laws and policies; meaning their value proposition has remained fairly constant over time. 

For example, a number of credit unions still offer just savings and loans products. Some of the loan caps have not been reviewed in a number of years, whilst many still operate a paper-heavy, brick & mortar model.

As a result, you find that most credit unions have similar challenges; from ageing membership to low numbers of active members, long loans processing times, delinquency, limited branches & geographical restrictions, environmentally unfriendly “paper-based” modes of operation, difficulty in managing savings & loans accounts in real-time, etc. Almost all of the above can be addressed by incorporating effective digital Strategies and technology platforms towards value creation.

This engaging lunch & learn session will enlighten attendees to a number of emerging technologies and how these can be applied towards creating Business, People and Societal values that are closely aligned to the core credit union goals and objectives.

Specifically, we will talk about:

  • Open Banking
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital Transformation & Disruption
  • Strategic Social Media
  • Smart Contracts; Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrencies

This session facilitated by Oxford University certified digital strategist Christian Junior, is relevant to all credit union stakeholders from the board of directors to management, staff and members. 

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Lunch and Learn #2 

Fintech for Cooperatives: The Digital Transformation Made Real

Speaker: Martin Naor, CEO of Bankingly
What does fintech really mean for the cooperative world? How can we transform every buzzword into tangible results today? During this exclusive educational lunch, we will share practical information to transform the most important fintech trends into practical recommendations for every cooperative. The real digital transformation is here and this lunch will move you one step closer! Secure your spot.
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Lunch and Learn #3

The Credit Union's Guide to the Future 

Speaker: Ian Kahn

Monday, 29 July SessionThe Credit Union's Guide to the Future - The What & Why (Part 1)

In this two part exclusive series, Technology Futurist Ian Khan brings it all together for our attendees. In the first part covering the What & Why of the current financial industry landscape attendees will learn about the foundations. 

Credit Unions today are waking up to a new era of change through digital transformation technologies including Blockchain, AI and others. In addition to the obvious disruption, this era of rapid change brings an opportunity to create more value across the board.

Learn About:

- The Greatest Era for Humanity
- Technology Trifecta that Changes Everything
- Why Disruption is Your Friend
- Massively Simplified Technology Concepts
- Smaller Financial revolutions PaisaPay to the shakedown of Fiat currencies
- Q&A

Tuesday, 30 July Session: The Credit Union's Guide to the Future - The How (Part 2)

Technology futurist Ian Khan predicts the future of the financial industry and how emerging technologies will impact the tomorrow of industry. 

Learn About:

- The emergence of a Digital Tomorrow
- Demystifying Blockchain, AI, IoT
- Global Industry Update
- The Future of Credit Unions  & the Financial Industry
- The 7 Things Credit Unions Must Do Right Away

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