Credit Union Visits

Registration for Credit Union Visits is available during the conference attendee registration process. If you have already registered, and would like to modify your registration and register for Credit Union Visits, please click here.  

When: Wednesday, 31 July
Cost: US $55.00 per person
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Transportation: Transportation will be provided from the Atlantis Convention Center to each credit union. Buses will depart the Atlantis Convention Center at 1:00 pm and will return between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. 

The four particpating credit unions are listed below.

The Bahamas Law Enforcement Co-operative Credit Union Limited

On April 16th, 1985, the Royal Bahamas Police Force Co-operative Credit Union Limited became registered under the Department of Co-operative Development. It was fully established as a union on April 28th, 1985. By this time, more than one hundred and fifty (150) applications for membership were received.

In 2001, The Royal Bahamas Police Force Co-operative Credit Union Limited changed its name to the Bahamas Law Enforcement Co-operative Credit Union Limited and its bond expanded to include civilian staff and officers of the Bahamas Immigration Department, the Bahamas Customs Department and the Road Traffic Department. In 2014, the bond was expanded again to include parents and siblings of members.

This year, the Bahamas Law Enforcement Co-operative Credit Union Limited celebrates its 34th Anniversary. Now with assets in excess of fifty-six million dollars ($56Mil) and a membership base of some four thousand one hundred and fifty (4,150) persons, there is just no limit to the success that can be achieved.

National Worker Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd.

National Workers Cooperative Credit Union Limited was registered with the Department of Cooperatives in November of 1976 by the Late Sir Kendal G. L. Isaacs Attorney at Law.

The formation of the Credit Union was the vision of Mr. Edward “Bobby” Glinton the then Secretary of The Bahamas Hotel Catering & Allied Workers Union. Mr. Glinton attended a conference sponsored by the International Labor Organization in Switzerland where he was exposed to the Cooperative Movement; he was encouraged by his colleagues in Switzerland to promote the Cooperative Movement in the Bahamas as the Bahamas and Bermuda were the only two Countries without an active Cooperative Movement at the conference.

Today the Credit Union has two offices on the Island of New Providence, one on Grand Bahama and an agent on San Salvador.

National Workers Cooperative Credit Union has grown from a small a-sue type operation to a multi-million-dollar asset base fully fledged Financial Institution.

Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BICCU) - Sold Out 

Our name, Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union Limited, reflects the proud history of our organization. First known as ‘Paradise Island Resort & Casino Co-operative Credit Union Limited’ in 1986, then as Bahama Islands Resorts & Casinos Co-operative Credit Union Limited in 2007 and now BICCU since August 2014, we were established to address certain needs among employees of the Paradise Island Resort (now superseded by the mega vacation complex Atlantis. Casino workers who at the time did not have medical and pension benefits were the initial driving force behind establishing an organization that could provide medical, pension and other financial benefits for them and their colleagues. 

In 2009, BICCU made a transition to offer its services to not just all casino and resort employees but to their immediate family member as well. The most recent change to our license resulted from the wishes of our members at the 28th AGM – the approval for the regulatory authority to expand our license came in August 2014. We excitedly welcome the families of the Bahamas from virtually every industry – government and the private sector! 

Bahama Islands Co-operative Credit Union (BICCU) is a member owned financial institution that is focused on service to its members and is committed to being innovative as we constantly look for more ways to meet the needs and demands of our members. The most recent name change reflects an organization that is made stronger by diversification and one that is evolving to service and benefit the families of all industries in the Bahamas.

Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. - Sold Out 

The Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered on December 28, 1979 and presented with its Registration Certificate in February 1980. At the time of its registration, forty-four persons had signed up to become members.

At the end of December 30, 1980, The Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union had share holdings of $36,585.00. Since its inception, the Credit Union has expanded its Bond to include spouses and children of Government employees, employees of Public Boards and Corporations.

The Credit Union has its offices on #216 Wulff Road (Nassau) and #11 Oak Street, (Freeport). It offers the following services, in addition to its shares, savings and loans; payment of premiums to The Bahamas Co-operative League Insurance Brokerage, regular deposit accounts, a Christmas Club account, fixed deposits and a pension plan.